• Glass Autosampler Vials Virtually Eliminate Surface Activity


Glass Autosampler Vials Virtually Eliminate Surface Activity

Apr 23 2020

Reduced Surface Activity (RSA™) glass autosampler vials are not coated but virtually eliminate the adsorption of basic compounds found with all other glass vials. The manufacturing process of RSA™ vials produces vials without surface activity such as basic compound adsorption. Unlike ordinary glass vials, these vials will not produce a pH change with aqueous diluent over time in the vial and with minimised surface metals, it is excellent for LCMS in that it does not contribute to sodium adducts.

Laboratories testing low abundance analytes such as low dosage form pharmaceuticals, unknown unknowns and natural products will see the greatest benefit even though all labs will find these vials to have value when repeating runs or investigations must be avoided.

The vials are available in 12x32mm clear and amber with volumes of 2ml, 1.5ml and 300ul.

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