• Achieve high performance preparative liquid chromatography simply, without compromise


Achieve high performance preparative liquid chromatography simply, without compromise

Feb 23 2021

The ACCQPrep HP150 system is a simplified solution to the unnecessary complexity found in many of the HPLC systems on the market today. It uses our PeakTrak® intuitive software and was developed with the ease of a Flash system in mind.

It does not follow the traditional path of an analytical system, but rather has been designed to be initiative and easy to use. This preparative chromatography system supports flow rates from 1 to 150 mL/min and operation pressures up to 6000 psi without the need to change pump heads. It also features a Focus Gradient Generator which can be prompted to run a preset scouting gradient, a target peak for purification, and will automatically program the focused gradient.

Save time and money with the ACCQPrep HP150 Focused Gradient Generator

Part of the ACCQPrep package, the Focused Gradient Generator, allows users to select the peak you want to purify – and the ACCQPrep automatically generates a focused gradient centered on the selected peak. It typically elutes in less than ten minutes and increases resolution and loading.

Small Footprint, Big Performance

So much science packed in such a small machine. The ACCQPrep HP150 System eliminates the need for an additional PC to control the separation and purification processes.

With PeakTrak software for mass directed fractionation, ACCQPrep simplifies the science with the touch of a button. Simply run a preset scouting gradient, select the target peak for purification and the focused gradient is automatically programmed into the system!

For more information or to request a quote, contact us today. Or you can download the brochure.

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