• High Pressure Preparative Liquid Chromatography System


High Pressure Preparative Liquid Chromatography System

Jun 21 2022

The Teledyne ISCO ACCQPrep™ HP150 is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use with all the performance and accuracy of an HPLC system. The system focuses on purification with the highest sample recovery.

With ease of purification in mind, the user-friendly ACCQPrep HP150 eliminates unnecessary and complex method parameters found in many of the HPLC systems in today’s market. Our PeakTrak® software, designed with the user in mind, is the basis for controlling the ACCQPrep HP150. The integrated software, eliminates the need for a stand-alone PC. This results in a more compact unit with a touch screen interface. Software evolves with user needs and updates are always free.

Enjoy the confidence associated with Teledyne ISCO’s active solvent and waste level monitoring, which reduces the risk of solvent spills. In addition, never miss or overfill test tubes again with RFID collection racks.

The ACCQPrep HP150 creates high accuracy gradients and low dwell volumes using dual piston, high pressure pumps. Operate across the full range of flow rates from analytical (1 mL/min) to 50 mm and larger preparative columns (150 mL/min), without the need to switch out pump heads. Save method development time by running a scouting method on an analytical column, and scale up to prep on one system, with a single touch.

Focused Gradient Generator - Improved Resolution is One Touch Away!

Save time and solvent while increasing column loading. Designed to allow quick method optimization to get to your purified product by every chemist. Run a single scouting run, then use our exclusive Focus Gradient feature, where you are a touch of the peak away from an optimized gradient that maximizes efficiency and resolution around your target compound. This method is automatically scaled up to the column size (of matching media) of choice. Seamless integration with our PurIon MS confirms you have selected the right peak to optimize.

Integrated ELSD Collect weak UV absorbing compounds with certainty.

  • Fully-integrated into the ACCQPrep with no additional bench-space needed.
  • Offers scalability and sensitivity for a wide range of sample loading with easy-to-change method parameters.
  • Peak alignment automatically adjusted for varying solvent mixtures and different flow rates.
  • Alignment from 2 to 1
  • Mass-Directed Preparative HPLC - Verify before you purify!

The PurIon Mass Spectrometer is fully integrated with Teledyne ISCO’s PeakTrak® software. The ability to manually inject samples prior to purification and collecting based on mass(es), makes this Mass-directed ACCQPrep system ideal for many applications.

  • Using the Method Development screen, easily adjust loading and ionization settings before committing your valuable sample for purification.
  • Use IonFinder to easily pick out more abundant MSadducts of your unique compounds.
  • Use Terminate on Target to shorten your separation after your desired mass is detected to save solvent and time.
  • Collect on up to 6 masses or 5 masses and a mass range

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