• Fast separations of aromatics on Kromasil EternityShell C18

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Fast separations of aromatics on Kromasil EternityShell C18

Sep 28 2016

The Kromasil analytical columns portfolio aims at supporting researchers and analysts worldwide with a breadth of products that supports users every day work. The Kromasil columns come in four different platforms: Classic, Eternity, Chiral and SFC. The first platform, Kromasil Classic, provides solutions in normal phase, reversed phase and HILIC. The Eternity platform is geared for reversed phase chromatography and working with extended pH range. Chiral and SFC platforms are as stated by their names, dedicated for chiral and supercritical fluid chromatography respectively.

Both Kromasil Classic and Eternity platforms now also count with columns based on solid core technology, providing more flexibility in method development and applications for the users. In particular, Kromasil EternityShell columns have been designed for extended lifetime, for lab personnel working with method development that requires pH beyond traditional silica materials as they can operate between pH 1 and 12.

Just as all other Kromasil columns, the new Kromasil EternityShell products are used in the analysis of pharmaceutical, clinical, environmental, food and beverage and industrial samples. Here is an example of the fast separation, under 1.5 minutes, of a sample containing eight aromatic compounds where there is complete base line resolution for all peaks. These compounds are, in order of elution: Toluene, Naphthalene, Biphenyl, Acenaphthene, Phenenthrene, Antracene, o-Therphenyl and Triphenylene. The column used in this case is Kromasil EternityShell-2.5-C18, with internal diameter of 2.1mm and 50mm length. The mobile phase employed for this application is Acetonitrile:Water under gradient conditions. The gradient used in the separation of this eight compound mixture sated at 60% acetonitrile and ended at 85% acetonitrile within a two minute timespan, at a flow rate of 0.6 mL/min, ambient temperature and UV detection wavelength of 254nm. This example illustrates the capabilities of the new Kromasil EternityShell columns that are now being delivered to users worldwide. 

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