• Silica bonded phases for Polar and Non-polar Molecules

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Silica bonded phases for Polar and Non-polar Molecules

May 14 2013

The Cogent TYPE-C™ silica bonded phases, manufactured by MicroSolv Technology Corporation (USA), have a surface populated by silicon-hydride functional groups instead of silanols. Patented bonding technology is then used to produce the Cogent Bidentate C18, Bidentate C8, UDC-Cholesterol, Phenyl and Diamond Hydride (the “Metabolomics Column”) phases, with direct silicon-carbon bonds on the silica hydride surface. These bonded phases have the ability to retain polar solutes at high concentrations of organic solvent by aqueous normal-phase (ANP). In addition, non-polar compounds can also be retained on the same column under reversed-phase conditions. The lack of surface silanols leads to fast equilibration times, excellent peak shape and extended column lifetimes for the assay of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, organic acids, carbohydrates, biochemicals, peptides, metabolites and many other compounds. For further information and a technical brochure on Cogent TYPE-C silica HPLC columns, email Hichrom Limited at: technical@hichrom.co.uk or Tel: 0118 930 3660 or www.microsolvtech.com

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