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  • Ready-to-use HPLC Prep- and Process Columns

Ready-to-use HPLC Prep- and Process Columns

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Self-packing of prep or process column by end-users can be a quite challenging. Never the less there are a number of users who like to do their own packing. They appreciate the advantages of the high flexibility and the speed of turnaround if a column has to be replaced, due to deteriorating performance or increasing back pressure. Although there are significant cost savings in self packing, it is not a universal preference. The solution is to offer both possibilities to the customer: the possibility for self-packing, but also the option to purchase a column packed and qualified ready to use.

It is beneficial to have a similar column design available from small to large scale. Lab scale prep with dynamic/static axial compression (DAC/SAC) are available from 25 mm ID up to process scale with 300 mm ID. The ModCol™ line is available with the two different sized Multipackers® which deliver consistently high packing performance (close to zero failure rate) combined with high safety margins. The smaller ModCol Multipacker covers the range, 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm ID, while the larger model covers 50. 70, 101 and 150mm id.

For larger columns the Dr Maisch SAC column hardware is available in 100, 200 and 300 mm ID.

It is your decision whether to go for ready packed columns or whether you want to pack the columns yourself with the support of real experts and this decision can always be reviewed, depending on how the situation changes. The column hardware will always remain the same.

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