• Compound Purification with Confidence – Varian’s New Flash/LC Purification Solution.


Compound Purification with Confidence – Varian’s New Flash/LC Purification Solution.

Jul 28 2010

Innovative and Easy: Six Clicks to Compound Purification.
Varian’s Flash/LC Purification System allows you to focus on compound synthesis and spend less time purifying.
Using the 971-FP instrument, IntelliFlash™ software, SuperFlash™ columns, and DASi™ sample injection, only takes six clicks from crude sample to purified compound.

  • Intuitive “Guide Me” wizard identifies the correct purification method for each compound, for full confidence in your target compound
  • “Sample Safe” features: your sample is never invisible and sent to waste, saving re-synthesis time
  • “Ready to Run” technology ensures the system is ready when you are, for faster compound purification

Flash/LC Purification Solutions – For Drug Discovery Applications
With our “Ready to Run” flash purification solution you will purify samples with confidence and speed – reducing time spent on purification and freeing up your time for compound synthesis.
Consisting of four elements, the 971-FP instrument, the consumables (SuperFlash™ columns and DASi™ sample injection module), the IntelliFlash™ software, and technical support, your instrument is always operational.
The 971-FP instrument is equipped with intelligent sensors, automated diagnostics, and “Guide me” feature, which help you achieve efficient compound purification on the first attempt – regardless of your chromatography experience.

Fully Integrated Four-solvent Option
Never run out of solvent during a run. Multiple bottles can be filled with the same solvent and the 971-FP will automatically detect when a bottle is close to empty, switching to the next solvent without interrupting the purification.

Large Touch Screen
User-friendly touch screen that tilts for easy reading.

Convenient Button Panel
Push buttons on the control unit allow for ease-of-use and quick modification of parameters during a run. The gradient can be placed on hold, edited or extended during the run, and fraction collection can be triggered manually at any time. The user has simple, instant touch button control to ensure the purification is a success and the compound is safe.

Independent Racks
Each rack is automatically identified to ensure correct positioning. The rack retains information about the position of each sample and the associated chromatogram, so there are no mistakes when identifying each collected fraction.

SuperFlash Columns
Features such as specialized end caps load the sample evenly across the column, reducing split peaks. Our unique packing technology ensures column-to-column reproducibility.
SuperFlash is designed to provide more concentrated fractions, reducing time spent evaporating. The unique spin welded cartridge virtually eliminates leaking, size limitations, complicated connections, and compression modules.

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