• PerkinElmer Unveil New Products at Analytica 2010


PerkinElmer Unveil New Products at Analytica 2010

Mar 22 2010

PerkinElmer introduced an extensive portfolio of chromatography and spectroscopy products at Analytica 2010 - Hall A2, stand 401. Product highlights will include the new Flexar™ HPLC/UHPLC platform and Chromera® Chromatography Data System (CDS), the Spectrum™ 10spectroscopy software platform, and PerkinElmer’s exclusive Differential Scanning Calorimetry Raman (DSC-Raman) spectroscopy hyphenated system.

The new Flexar liquid chromatography platform provides a broad line of HPLC solutions for numerous applications and can be used to facilitate method transfer from, for example, pharmaceutical research to production. Consuming up to 90% less solvents and incorporating extended detection options, the Flexar FX-15 UHPLCcan significantly improve instrument uptime and streamline analytical laboratory productivity. Chromera CDS offers powerful functionality specifically designed for UHPLC testing.

Also on show was PerkinElmer’s exclusive DSC-Raman spectroscopy hyphenated system for pharmaceutical and polymer analyses. This system effectively combines the strengths of the DSC 8500 for thermal analysis with the RamanStation™ 400 spectrometerto enable greater insights into polymer crystallisations, drug-carrier interactions, curing and polymorphic changes. This exciting hyphenated technique provides researchers the capability to observe material changes as they occur, rather than rely upon evolved gas measurement as with other techniques.

The new Spectrum 10 spectroscopy software platform for PerkinElmer FT-IR spectrometers increases operation efficiency, with wide-ranging capability for industrial and academic FT-IR laboratories. The software supports all Spectrum One, Spectrum 65, 100, 100N and Spectrum 400 non-ES FT-IR systems, including Optica and FAME Analysers.

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