• Mass Spec Results in Seconds with Direct Sample Analysis (DSA)


Mass Spec Results in Seconds with Direct Sample Analysis (DSA)

Jul 26 2012

PerkinElmer, leaders in MS technology, have recently expanded their AxION® MS platform to include the innovative Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) system, a revolutionary approach MS analysis. Coupled with the AxION 2 Time of Flight (TOF) scientists now have complete flexibility in their analysis and the ability to quantify with speed, over the entire mass range. Users can be confident of structural insight gained whilst also realising the benefits of the UHPLC separation. The AxION 2 TOF MS system delivers a reliable and robust MS platform for sensitive and reproducible results.

The AxION 2 TOF Mass Spectrometer hardware and software platform is specifically designed to bring speed and confidence to quantitation, target analysis and compound identification. This system offers optimum sensitivity, wide dynamic range and exact mass capabilities to help ensure quality and safety in pharmaceutical and food testing applications including accurate, reliable and confident analysis across environmental, industrial and forensic applications. Click here to access the video.

The AxION DSA system is a technological breakthrough that eliminates sample preparation, challenging method development, and front-end gas or liquid chromatography separation. Liquid, solid, and gas samples can be directly introduced into a mass spectrometer. This allows for rapid and greatly simplified analysis, helping lead to faster decisions. With the AxION DSA system, labs can cut traditional analysis time into seconds without compromising results. Click here to access the video.

Enhance your productivity with the AxION SOLO software, a platform dedicated for target analysis. The faster your processing, the quicker your results, and the sooner you can make decisions. By allowing you to arrange and view windows to mimic your workflow—whether it’s for single or multiple target investigations—the software makes it easy to maximize analytical throughput and minimize costs. Highly intuitive and compound-centric, AxION SOLO helps you quickly find what you’re looking for—visually, clearly, accurately.

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