• New Line of UHPLC hand-tight fittings and multi-purpose packed beds Introduced


New Line of UHPLC hand-tight fittings and multi-purpose packed beds Introduced

May 22 2015

Optimize Technologies is proud to introduce the EXP®2 line of UHPLC hand-tight fittings and multi-purpose packed beds.


The EXP2 Fittings for PEEKsil and stainless steel offer UHPLC connections for 1/16” and 1/32” tubing that can be hand tightened to over 20,000 psi (1,400 bar). These fittings are ideal for making Nano HPLC and UHPLC connections that easily fit into tight spaces such as injection valves, column couplers, sample loops and column ovens. The EXP2 Titanium Hybrid ferrules combine the robustness of titanium and the sealing capability of PEEK. Utilising a unique geometric design, the ferrules firmly press tubing against the tube stop of any instrument port, creating a zero dead volume (ZDV) connection. The titanium portion of the ferrule does not permanently swage to the tubing, allowing for many repeat connections and the ability to

adjust the tubing to different port depths. Included with the ferrules are the new EXP2 3/16” hex head nuts and EXP2 Driver. The nuts are available with 6-32, 6-40 and 10-32 threads. The EXP2 Driver is a small, easy to use knurled torque driver that snaps on to the nuts for hand-tightening and loosening. The EXP2 Driver is slotted and can be removed from the nut and tubing after use.


The next-generation EXP2 Nano Trap System is a breakthrough in trapping hardware design and provides the finest low-volume hardware and connections to minimise extra column effects and sample dispersion. The EXP2 Nano Trap packed bed is extremely versatile: robust for applications calling for trapping in one direction followed by elution in the reverse while adding the absolute lowest swept volume for vented-trap applications where the trap is loaded and eluted in the same direction. Applications include general sample cleanup, sample concentration and removal of detergents or salts at UHPLC pressures. EXP2 Nano Traps are available in multiple bed volumes and bonded phases which allow customisable formats to achieve the

separation, clean-up, and concentration that will be effective for your specific method.


The new hand-tight EXP2 fittings from Optimize allow the Nano Trap to achieve the highest performance at UHPLC pressures while maintaining a small profile to fit tight spaces in switching or injection valves. The Nano Trap is best coupled with narrow bore (25um, 50um, 100um) PEEKsil Tubing to deliver top performance.

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