• Ion Chromatography: Fully Automated Inline Eluent Preparation


Ion Chromatography: Fully Automated Inline Eluent Preparation

Jun 11 2009

Metrohm presents a system for fully automated inline eluent preparation. Based on Metrohm’s intelligent ion chromatography systems, the new technique eliminates error-prone and laborintensive eluent preparation steps while improving the accuracy of the chromatographic analysis.

A proven system

Using the 800 Dosino and the 849 Level Control as the only additional devices, Metrohm’s intelligent IC systems – the 850 Professional IC and the Compact IC family – can be easily extended to perform any inline
eluent preparation. Controlled by the MagIC Net™ software, the 849 Level Control monitors the eluent level while the 800 Dosino performs all dosing and liquid handling tasks.

Excellent retention-time stability

In a test, consecutive injections of a 250-μg/L standard over approximately 20 days revealed an excellent retention-time stability. After more than 800 consecutive injections, relative standard deviations for standard anions
and cations were smaller than 0.55 and 0.41% respectively. In the case of a 24-hour sequence, retention-time precision for anions and cations was better than 0.09 and 0.08%, respectively. In short, Metrohm’s inline eluent preparation system increases he retentiontime reproducibility and allows the continuous determination of anions and cations without manual eluent preparation.

For further information please contact Metrohm UK Ltd Tel 01280824824 or Email your requests to enquiry@metrohm.co.uk

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