• Dependable On-Line Calibration for Process Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Dependable On-Line Calibration for Process Gas Chromatography

Jan 26 2021

KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. (KIN-TEK) calibration devices provide low concentration gas standards to calibrate chemical gas analysers used in air monitoring, environmental health and safety, research and development laboratories, chemical process industries, portable and field monitoring applications, and universities.

KIN-TEK offers the Span Pac 61-I (Industrial) on-line gas standard generator that uses Trace Source™ Disposable & Refillable Permeation Tubes for dependable gas calibration of process gas analysers, such as gas chromatographs (GCs) and continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS).  

Span Pac I Industrial Gas Generator

The Span Pac I Gas Standard Generator is capable of dynamically generating NIST traceable gas standards from sub-ppb concentrations to over 1,000 ppm. Equipped with highly accurate flow measurement and excellent oven temperature control, the Span Pac I provides an easy solution for calibrating process GCs. The system has an output signal for switching the analyser input from sample to calibration gas, or it can be integrated with existing sample systems. KIN-TEK Span Pac I Units are designed for N.E.C. Class 1, Group C or D, Div II hazardous atmospheres and can be adapted to Div 1 service in order to work side-by-side with your process analysers. Variations of the basic model include two or three oven units for creating complex gas mixtures from permeation tubes, the addition of a specified purge system, or a secondary dilution package. Special options are also available depending on the application.

Permeation Tubes: Accurate, safe, and easy to use

KIN-TEK’s Permeation Tube Technology is integral to the Span Pac I. KIN-TEK offers over 550 chemical compounds to generate accurate sub-ppm to pptr gas concentrations for calibrating GC, GC-MS, and other devices without the requirement of gas cylinders. While both Trace Source™ Permeation Tubes and gas cylinders are certified NIST traceable, Trace Source™ Permeation Tubes provide; ease of storage and handling of multiple compounds, a pure standard without addition of impurities or loss due to adsorption, and multiple gases for producing a multi-point calibration curve. Many trace gas calibration problems are solved by using permeation tubes in lieu of gas cylinders. A KIN-TEK permeation tube used within a KIN-TEK Span Pac I gas standard generator offers the best scenario for gas chromatograph calibration.

KIN-TEK delivers trace gas calibration product solutions and services worldwide to solve customer problems in the laboratory, field (portable), and process industries!

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