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  • New EVO Core-Shell HPLC Columns

New EVO Core-Shell HPLC Columns

Sep 30 2014 Read 1555 Times

Phenomenex, Inc introduces Kinetex EVO C18 – the latest advancement in ultra-high performance HPLC columns. The Kinetex EVO C18 column incorporates a patented organo-silica grafting process that utilises uniform stabilizing ethane cross-linking to create a unique selectivity and ultimately, pH stability from 1-12. Kinetex EVO C18 has the performance advantages of Core-Shell Technology even at extreme low and high pH. This new advancement adds alkaline pH ruggedness and a highly versatile selectivity to the Kinetex core-shell family of HPLC, UHPLC and preparative LC products.

The EVO C18 columns are an extension of the Phenomenex Kinetex core-shell line, which delivers improved results, increased productivity, easy transferability and significant cost savings compared to traditional HPLC/UHPLC media. The wide pH 1 to 12 stability and improved peak shape for bases make the Kinetex 5 µm EVO C18 especially ideal for analytical and preparative HPLC methods at a variety of challenging pH levels such as those in open access labs.

With the introduction of the 5 µm Kinetex EVO C18 particle, HPLC and preparative HPLC users can utilise 3 µm or better efficiencies and low backpressures to easily replace traditional hybrid materials and run at higher linear flow rates to compress long run times. Additional Kinetex EVO C18 core-shell particles, including those for UHPLC, are scheduled to be introduced very soon.

“’It's very exciting to witness first-hand the incredibly positive customer reaction now that the guarantee of core-shell performance at virtually any pH range is finally here,” explains Simon Lomas, Brand Manager for Phenomenex. “Now scientists can utilise Kinetex 5 µm EVO C18 columns to easily improve HPLC or PREP LC results without the pH restrictions of other core-shell products or the performance limitations of traditional hybrid and polymer columns.”

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, clinical research, government and academic laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development to food safety and environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography solutions accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being.  Click here for more information on Phenomenex or follow the company on Twitter @Phenomenex.

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