• NEW ACE® C18-PFP - a unique C18 bonded HPLC column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase
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NEW ACE® C18-PFP - a unique C18 bonded HPLC column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase

Feb 24 2011

ACE® C18-PFP is a unique C18 bonded HPLC column from Advanced Chromatography Technologies, which has been developed to provide alternate selectivity to all existing C18 bonded phases. The phase combines the hydrophobic characteristics of a C18 phase with the alternate selectivity offered by a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase – enabling the benefits of multiple interactions to be fully exploited.

ACE® C18-PFP also exhibits ultra low bleed to ensure LC/MS compatibility and demonstrates excellent temperature and pH stability. Compared to C18 phases, PFP phases have traditionally been compromised by reduced hydrophobicity, reduced stability and significant column bleed. However, ACE C18-PFP utilises a specially developed ligand combining a C18 chain with integral PFP functionality, resulting in a phase that maintains the hydrophobic, stability and low bleed characteristics of a leading C18 phase, whilst providing the multiple retention mechanisms of a PFP phase.

Due to their similar hydrophobic characteristics, ACE C18-PFP columns may be used for applications in which “standard” C18 columns would normally be considered. However, due to its integral pentafluorophenyl functionality, ACE C18-PFP is additionally recommended for separations that involve halogenated aromatic compounds, regioisomers and those analytes with differing shape constraints.

ACE® C18-PFP phase exhibits multiple retention mechanisms including hydrophobic,  interaction, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding and shape selectivity. Approximations of relative strength are shown in the accompanying table.

At launch, columns are available in 3µm, 5µm and 10µm particle sizes and a full range of dimensions from high throughput LC-MS through to preparative scale.
For further information and a Technical Brochure on the ACE® C18-PFP www.ace-hplc.com or email: info@ace-hplc.com

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