Volume 7 Issue 4


In this issue:

- Advances in Clinical Analysis 2014

- Optimising the Derivatisation of Vitamin D Metabolites Within Clinical Research Using Amplifex™ Diene Reagent

- The Chromatographic Society; Britain’s Best Kept Chromatography Secret?

- Professor Pavel Jandera: Winner of the 2015 Chromatographic Society Martin Medal

- Professor Mary Jean Wirth: Winner of the 2015 Chromatographic Society Jubilee Medal

- HPLC-UHPLC Hybrid 2D Platform for LC/MS Analysis of Biological Samples.A New Paradigm.

- Why Is My Peak Area Reducing With Flow Rate?

- Advances in the Clinical Analysis of Plasma and Urine Metadrenalines

- Large Volume Injection with On-Column Enrichment and Gradient Focusing in HPLC and UPLC for Assay for Fluticasone Propionate in Fine Particle Dose Dissolution Studies

- Separation of Pharmaceuticals by SFC using Monoand Di-Hydroxy Substituted Phenyl Stationary Phases

- Eliminating Volumetric Haematocrit Bias Associated with DBS Sub Punch Workflows Using a Novel Microsampling Device which Absorbs a Fixed Volume of Blood

- Remembering Distinguished Professor Georges Guiochon, a Great Mentor and Friend.

- Development of a Highly Selective LC/MS Assay for Vitamin D Metabolites

- Meeting Review: The Chromatographic Society Spring Symposium: Analysis of Polar Molecules, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, 21st and 22nd May 2014

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