Volume 7 Issue 2


In this issue:

Determination of Biomarkers in Petroleum by Multidimensional

Gas Chromatography: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Perspectives

UHPLC or Core-Shell Which is the Winner?

How to Choose Orthogonal Columns for use with LC-LC Separations

Chromatography Today Helpdesk

Adaption of Retention Models to Allow Optimisation of Peptide and Protein Separations

Visiting the 13th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Hyphenated Chromatographic Analysers (HTC-13) and the 3rd International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques for Sample Preparation

Targeted and Non-Targeted Analysis of Contaminants in Storm Water Retention Ponds

Using LC-HRMS and Online Solid Phase Extraction

Evaluation of a New Ionic Liquid GC Stationary Phase with PEG- Like Selectivity

Considerations for the Use of LC x LC

Professor Wolfgang Lindner - In Conversation with Chromatography Today

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Chromatography Today - June 2020

June 2020

In This Edition Articles Fundamental Aspects - Separation of the 4 Enantiomers of the Fungicide Spiroxamine by LC-MS/MS - Optimising the Chiral Separation of the Pesticide Diniconazole...

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BMSS Annual Meeting - CANCELLED

Sep 08 2020 Sheffield, UK

Mass Spec 2020

Sep 14 2020 Virtual Symposium

ISC 2020 - POSTPONED TO 2022#

Sep 21 2020 Budapest, Hungary


Sep 27 2020 Saint-Malo, France

CE Pharm 2020 - ONLINE EVENT

Sep 28 2020 Bethesda, MD, USA

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