• Waters Corporation and Peak Scientific Instruments enter OEM Agreement for the supply of Nitrogen Generators for LCMS.

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Waters Corporation and Peak Scientific Instruments enter OEM Agreement for the supply of Nitrogen Generators for LCMS.

Jun 08 2009

Thousands of scientists around the world use Waters LCMS systems to make new discoveries every day. As Mass Spectroscopists continue to push the boundaries of science with Waters LCMS systems, nitrogen supply will remain a key element.

The gas requirements for LCMS systems are often taken for granted and not appreciated or understood until results are analysed. Only then, it becomes apparent that poor quality nitrogen can be responsible, either for background interference that can reduce the detection capabilities of the system, or in some cases, the introduction of contaminants that can be difficult and costly to remove from the mass spectrometer. With continuous improvement in instrument performance, the limits of detection are being pushed even further as scientists strive to realise the potential of the latest Waters LCMS systems. Quality of nitrogen will therefore continue to play an important role.

With more than 11 years in the laboratory nitrogen generator market, Peak Scientific Instruments understands these problems and how they can impact the integrity of LCMS results. Utilising advanced membrane and filtration technologies based on known separation principles, Peak Scientific designs and manufactures a range of generators that provide a constant supply of clean, dry, phthalate free nitrogen for every Waters application.

Peak generators have been scientifically tested and validated by Waters to supply nitrogen at the desired flow rate, pressure and purity required for the entire range of LCMS systems. Spectral comparisons were found to be almost identical between Waters house supply and Peak generators. These tests were conducted using Quattro Micro™and LCT Premier™ Mass Spectrometers.

Following these successful tests and an audit of Peak Scientific facilities, Waters Corporation has agreed to a Purchase/ Supply Agreement with Peak Scientific Instruments to supply gas generators, spare parts and services to Waters with worldwide distribution rights.

Peak Scientific is proud to assist Waters Corporation to offer a complete solution for their LCMS customers.

For any questions with regards to this announcement, please contact Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd, email to marketing@peakscientific.com.

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