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Biopharmaceutical Discovery

Aug 30 2012

If the promise of a breakthrough-driven biopharmaceutical pipeline is to be more than a pipe dream, then therapeutic protein projects must move ahead swiftly. Today, in hopes of establishing the foundation for a robust therapeutic discovery engine, premier researchers devote much of their efforts to analytical innovation and cutting-edge science.

Waters develops technology to address the specific needs of large molecule discovery. Examples of such technology include best-in-class UPLC systems for protein purification as well as high-sensitivity UPLC/MS systems for characterization. Specialized bioinformatics tools -- very different than software designed for proteomics experiments -- allow biopharmaceutical scientists to answer questions quickly and efficiently. The focus at Waters is on built-for-purpose biopharmaceutical solutions that create maximum system up-time, efficient workflows, and improved visibility of information across organizations.

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Intact Protein Analysis
Protein molecular weight must be quickly confirmed, along with glycoform heterogeneity determination. Waters technologies deliver quick, accurate protein molecular weights for confirmation and determination of intact proteins:

  • ACQUITY UPLC or ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio: Enables you to more efficiently determine and control critical nutrients in protein fermentation and cell-culture production
  • Xevo G2 QTof MS is engineered with innovative quadrupole time-of-flight MS technology and software that make it easier to act on the results of your intact mass data — and elevate your laboratory’s productivity.
  • Synapt G2 HDMS™ System: Determine partial sequence information of proteins, and differentiate between conformations by ion mobility separation
  • LCT Premier™ XE Mass Spectrometer with the MaxEnt™ deconvolution algorithm: Obtain accurate protein molecular weights and quantitative data on relative amounts of protein glycoforms
  • UPLC and mass spectrometry-compatible columns and sample preparation products for intact protein analysis.

Efficient Biopharmaceutical Protein Characterization Using LC/MS – Manchester, 3rd October 2012

See our extensive series of free webcasts on biopharmaceutical analysis. Analytics for Biopharmaceuticals

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