• Revolutionised Sample Preparation for Biological Samples

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Revolutionised Sample Preparation for Biological Samples

Apr 23 2024

The MonoSpin series has been optimised for use as a spin column in the sample preparation of biological samples, such as blood, serum, and urine. It is an innovative tool utilizing silica monoliths as its base material. Silica monoliths possess uniform continuous pores, facilitating rapid separation and high-sensitivity analysis. Utilizing short-time centrifugation for solid-phase extraction, the entire sample treatment process can be completed within 10 minutes.

The MonoSpin series offers cartridges in different types:

  • Spin Type: Ideal for pre-treating samples ranging from 50 to 800 µL.
  • Large Type: Suitable for samples ranging from 0.5 to 8 mL.
  • 96-well Plate Type: Available for multi-analyte analysis with the same spin column volume.

Advantages of Monolithic SPE materials over particle-packed SPE materials:

  • Disk-shaped silica monoliths do not require frits to hold particle media, as in traditional solid-phase extraction cartridges.
  • Monolithic material provides a substantial surface area, allowing for sample volume reduction. Silica monoliths retain samples within the cartridge and facilitate complete elution of small samples during processing.
  • Despite its high liquid permeability, it allows for rapid elution without compromising high recovery, owing to swift sample diffusion and separation.


  • Desalting, purification, and fractionation of peptide samples
  • Protein recovery and purification
  • Purification post iTRAQ derivatization
  • Purification of glycans
  • Recovery of drugs from biological samples (urine, serum, plasma)
  • Purification of catecholamines
  • Recovery and purification of organic acids

Due to its high permeability, the MonoSpin series enables quicker and more efficient purification and enrichment through centrifugation. It is also recommended for eluting small volume samples, allowing for the collection of trace analytes without dilution.

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