• Advanced Polymer Chromatography System offers breakthrough technology


Advanced Polymer Chromatography System offers breakthrough technology

Jun 27 2013

Developing differentiated polymers and deploying a sustainable operation are a key focus for the polymer and plastics industries. Current GPC/SEC methods are limited by a lack of resolution, separation times, and the volume of solvent consumed per analysis.

The ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC™) System is a breakthrough technology that defines the ultimate in size-based chromatographic separations, delivering more information about your polymers faster than ever before. This means better characterisation, improved asset utilisation and a superior solution for achieving corporate innovation and sustainability goals. 

Key features include:

  • New Column Technology – ACQUITY APC™ Columns utilise small, high pore volume bridged-ethyl hybrid particles that provide significant gains in stability, flexibility and faster separations.
  • Stable Refractive Index Detection – The ACQUITY Refractive Index (RI) Detector is optimised for low dispersion, but with the low noise and drift performance required for accurate integration, even at low polymer concentrations.
  • Precise Solvent Management - Precise flow delivery of the isocratic solvent manager ensures calibrated system provides accurate molecular weight data, day after day.
  • Advanced Column Heating Module - Ensures highly repeatable thermal environment for banks of ACQUITY APC Columns.
  • Empower® 3 Software with GPC option – Quickly and easily review, compare, and report polymer analysis data.

Key Benefits

  • Polymer Characterization - Provides unparalleled polymer peak resolution, particularly for low molecular weight oligomers.
  • Speed of Analysis - Obtain accurate and repeatable polymer molecular weight information up to 5 to 20 times faster than traditional GPC/SEC methods.
  • Cost Reduction - Lower analysis cost by reducing solvent consumption and waste disposal volumes.
  • System Flexibility - Run diverse polymer applications on a single system.

To find out more click here or contact us on 0208 238 6100 and ask to speak to your local Waters Representative. Please quote Waters APC System - CT.

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