• Complete range of  Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) products launched

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Complete range of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) products launched

Jan 29 2010

Presearch is proud to announce it’s appointment as the exclusive distributor for United Chemical Technologies (UCT), Inc. the leaders in solid phase extraction (SPE) for over 20 years.

UCT manufactures a wide range of highly reproducible sample preparation products which allow the chromatographer a consistent extraction technique. Already respected in the forensic, pharmaceutical and environmental industry for dependable service, competitive pricing, innovative technology and reproducible products.

Established product ranges include Enviro-Clean® dependable and rugged product for low level environmental analyses, Clean Screen® the industry standard for mixed-mode solid phase extraction for drugs of abuse and clinical drugs and Clean-Up® products geared towards a variety of extractions.

Clean Screen® columns, the most recognizable UCT product line, is the industry standard for mixed-mode solid phase extraction for drugs of abuse and clinical drugs. Analytical demand for more efficient, robust and clean extraction of drugs from biological matrices led to the development of Clean Screen sorbents. Clean Screen phases are true co-polymeric sorbents that contain hydrophobic and ion exchange functional groups uniquely polymerized to a silica substrate. The design and quality of Clean Screen provides superior sample clean up, recovery and reproducibility.

Mixed mode separations allow maximum selectivity for extraction of acids, neutrals and bases. This selectivity makes Clean Screen ideal for both screening and confirmation analysis for virtually all drug categories. Clean Screen DAU and THC columns are used extensively by forensic and clinical chemists including:

• Post Mortem Investigations
• Criminal Investigations
• Urine Drug Testing
• Athletic Drug Testing
• Racing Laboratories
• Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
• Medical Drug Screening
New Clean Screen XcelTM

UCT has recently developed and launched a break-thru technology in SPE, the Clean Screen Xcel™solid phase extraction columns. This brand new line of sample preparation phases are designed to reduce the number of steps in the extraction, and therefore reducing the amount of time and solvent necessary to complete the sample cleanup.

Enviro-Clean® cartridges are designed for use by analysts that demand a clean, dependable and rugged product for low level environmental analyses. With our wide selection of sorbents and clean proprietary polypropylene cartridges, Enviro-Clean has a cartridge to fit every analysts need.

The range includes

QuEChERS (pronounced Catchers), an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe, is a sample extraction and clean-up technique widely used for the analysis of multiple residues in hydrated agricultural products.

ChloroFiltr, UCT has developed a new sorbent to selectively remove chlorophyll from green plant residues while leaving polar pesticides behind in the Acetonitrile extract. This new sorbent is known as the ChloroFiltr™. The ChloroFiltr sorbent is a white, cross-linked polymeric powder compatible with extraction solvents used with the QuEChERS method. It is a strong yet selective sorbent for chlorophyll and used in place of graphitic carbon black (GCB) in UCT dispersive extraction centrifuge

Enviro-Clean® Universal Cartridges are designed to handle large volume "real world" aqueous samples without the "real world" hassle. Easy to use, resist plugging, fits automated and manual manifolds.

For more Information please visit www.presearch.co.uk
Or contact Presearch, tel: 01256 365492, email: uct@presearch.co.uk

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