• Download the Time Saving Booklet  on Sample Preparation Methods For Drugs of Abuse

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Download the Time Saving Booklet  on Sample Preparation Methods For Drugs of Abuse

Oct 26 2010

A new booklet, essential for analysts working in the area of Drugs of Abuse, documents current and up to date detailed methodologies for sample preparation steps prior to analysing a wide range of substances and is now freely available by contacting Presearch (Basingstoke)
the UK and Ireland exclusive distributors for Solid Phase Extraction products and accessories from UCT. The booklet gives step-by-step methodologies and is supplemented by application notes showing the extraction and analysis of drugs of abuse from a wide range of biological samples.

Up to date information and comprehensive methodologies for a wide range of drugs of abuse are detailed with methods including the extraction of the THC Delta – 9- Carboxy metabolite, opiates and benzodiazepines from urine and whole blood. UCT Clean Screen® columns can be used to extract a comprehensive and wide range of compounds which is demonstrated by the UCT basic drug extraction method. Full details including column and instrument operating parameters are also included with all extraction methods.

UCT’s comprehensive range of Clean Screen Solid Phase Extraction columns are available in a number of configurations and particle sizes. Fundamentally this means that UCT columns are specifically designed not to block with even the most viscous of sample types e.g. horse urine and post mortem blood ensuring no compromise on analyte recovery. CleanScreen’s unique polymeric co - bonded phases can potentially extract many analytes in one process with better reproducibility and consistency compared with other mixed mode phase SPE columns. CleanScreen columns available in standard tube, 96 well plate, reduced solvent columns and pipette tip format.

In addition to be being a leading supplier of Solid Phase Extraction columns for the extraction and analysis of drugs of abuse, UCT via its partner Presearch (www.presearch.co.uk ) in the UK can offer a comprehensive service for Solid Phase Extraction method development, applications and trouble shooting. In addition to this please contact Presearch for a free sample trial pack as part of your method development process

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