• Make your CTC injector faster, cleaner and more versatile!


Make your CTC injector faster, cleaner and more versatile!

Oct 19 2009

Presearch introduces three new innovations to your CTC PAL Autosampler, helping you to do more.

• New - Dynamic wash station. Eliminates carryover and gives faster and cleaner cycles.
• Automated solid phase extraction upgrade for your CTC using MEPS (Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent)
• Chronos – new scheduling and programming software to make the CTC more efficient

New Dynamic Load and Wash Station for the CTC PAL Range
Designed for today’s most sensitive MS instruments this completely new injection and wash concept gives Near Zero Carryover and drastically reduced cycle times to your CTC PAL Autosampler.
Main features are:

• Near Zero Carryover
• Reduced wash cycling times
• Holding loop for effective rinsing of the complete sample path
• Integrated micro pumps for active wash solvent delivery
• Spring loaded syringe needle positioning
• Retrofit to you existing PAL system

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MEPSTM The SPE Solution for the CTC PAL Platform

Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent (MEPS) is a new development in the field of sample preparation by SPE. MEPS performs the same function as SPE, namely the purification or speciation of samples. The advantage of MEPS lies in the ability to prepare and inject samples, using the CTC Analytics autosampler. This reduces sample processing times and any intervention by the operator.

• 40x Faster than standard SPE
• Works with GC and LC
• One syringe for SPE and injection
• Greener SPE – Reduce solvent costs by 50%
• Simple and easy to automate
• Over 60 applications in key areas of Pharma, DAU and Environmental, in a variety of matrices; plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, aqueous.

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Chronos - Intelligent Time Management
Chronos a new software application for the PAL System and offers efficient automation of complex sample preparation procedures using CTC PAL Autosampler. It increases the throughput of the analytical system based on intelligent time management, and can give time saving of up to 70%. Chronos. Compatible with both LC or GC Applications and works with many MS Data systems.
• Intelligent time management of the PAL (Overlapping or prep ahead, e.g. Headspace incubation and injection)
• Import and export of sequences in ChemStation and Xcalibur or cvs-format
• Control of multiple PALs
• Programmability of Valco valves over a serial interface
• Management of priority sample

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