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Jan 25 2022

Did you know that GL Sciences is not only producer of GC- and LC columns and consumables, but also manufacturer of many renowned instruments? Among them are the PHASER Pro, an olfactory port, and a unique GC Fraction Collector, the VPS2800.

One of the latest additions is the HandyTD, a Thermal Desorption tool that is easy and convenient to use. Regular thermal desorption instruments might require an injector position to be sacrificed for the purpose of thermal desorption. The HandyTD sits next to your GC and does not occupy an injection port. When sitting close together, one HandyTD could even supply two different GC systems with your choice of sample. Please find our demonstration video on-line to learn how the HandyTD should be used.

The HandyTD can reach a heating ramp rate of 45°C/sec and a maximum temperature of 350°C. The sampling can be performed on sorbents like TENAX or GL Sciences’ MonoTrap. MonoTrap is the GL Sciences’ solution for sorptive media. It can be submerged in liquid samples or applied to bottles with perfumed samples. The monolithic network of through- and mesopores offers unmatched adsorption and desorption efficiency. Monotrap does not need conditioning before using. After sampling is done, Monotrap can be applied to a liner in order to be loaded on your InterCap column of choice by the HandyTD.

To make your thermal desorption more easy, GL Sciences also offers different sampling bags with which to collect your samples. Among the different sampling bag types are also alternatives to the well known Tedlar® bags. The bags can be supplied with many different connector set-ups in order to suite your needs best. Together with our sampling pump, the SP209, a precise volume can be loaded onto your liner of choice. The SP209 makes sure the same volume is applied to your sorptive media with every single analysis.

If you are looking for automating the analysis of your Thermal Desorption samples, we can assist with supplying an OPTIC and automatic Liner Exchanger (LINEX). Such system can be dedicated for a high thermal desorption throughput.

All together we believe to have the perfect, flexible solution for your Thermal Desorption demand. Whether you need Thermal Desorption consumables or instruments.

For more information, feel free to visit our website.

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