• GL Sciences introduces the new Gas Chromatography Olfactory Port


GL Sciences introduces the new Gas Chromatography Olfactory Port

Oct 24 2023

GL Sciences is proud producer of the Gas Chromatography Olfactory Port, also known as PHASER. While the human nose is an incredible detector for aroma/malodour components, sometimes it can use a little help by splitting the aroma into separate compounds. The PHASER combines the separation strength of Gas Chromatography (GC), with the sensory evaluation using ones nose. This generates important information in the analysis of odours and aromas in beverages, foods, flavours and fragrances. In a Gas Chromatography/Olfactometry (GC/O) set up, the outlet of the GC Column column is split. While one end is connected to the detector for compound analysis, the other is connected to a nose cone used to sniff and identify the compounds. For example, GC/O is a great tool for analysing wine aromas when a new yeast is applied.

The Phaser Pro is the latest version of the sniffing port. Compared to the previous version, the Phaser Pro has now been equipped with a temperature-programmable transfer line. By using the temperature program,  the split ratio (sniffing flow rate/detector flow rate) is much more stable. Thermal degradation of the compounds inside the transfer line is prevented as well as heat stress at the nose. This makes a higher accuracy and sensitivity possible without stressing the user too much.

The PHASER Pro can be upgraded with voice recording and replay function. This enables complete focus on the aroma leaving the sniffing port. The software is easy to use and has a pre-set function where specific aromas can be programmed for easy detection. The recording can be copied into your chromatography to easily identify what chromatography peak belongs to what comment made.

All in all, the new PHASER Pro is a must when you researching what components make up your odour. It can be installed on any GC and it comes with excellent support. For more information, please visit our website.

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