• High Performance Single Plunger Pump, SP-3 Series


High Performance Single Plunger Pump, SP-3 Series

Jul 25 2023

FLOM, well known for their compact design pumps, has recently released a new Single Plunger Pump Series, the SP-3 Series. If you are searching for a dependable pump, to elevate your chemical processes, look no further!

Single plunger pumps can be ideal solutions for efficient fluid handling, but were not always best with respect to accuracy. This was caused by their single plunger principle. Combining the new SP-3 Series pumps with the now released pulse dampers creates a unique and good alternative to dual plunger pumps.

Compared to the SP-2 Series pumps, the new released series has an improved maximum flow rate. While the old pumps could reach 20 mL/min, the new pump is capable of pumping 50 mL/min. The maximum pressure has been improved to 35 MPa.

The pump is equipped with a Quick Motion setting for improved pulse control. Using this setting, the plunger will swiftly suck the solvent of your choice after which it slowly discharges. This results in smaller pulsation measured, creating an improved continuous flow. Next to that, a new pulse damper was released. Already available were a High Pressure damper for pulse control between 8-12 MPa and a Low Pressure Damper for control between 0.1-0.7 MPa. Added to this range is the Medium Pressure Damper with a pulse control range of 0.5-5 MPa.

Combining both the Quick Motion and the pulse damper results in a single plunger pump being capable of pumping solvents with a continuous flow. This makes the SP-3 Series a cost-saving, low pulsation, continuous flow alternative to the dual plunger pumps. To make sure we can meet your expectations for solvent pumping, the SP-3 is available as a Stainless Steel version and with a PEEK Specification. The Stainless Steel version is designed for high pressure pumping for a wide range of chemicals. The PEEK version is designed for applications where the solvent should not be exposed to metal.

FLOM is a trustworthy partner when it comes to high performance, precise pumps in a compact design. We are proud that FLOM is a member of the GL Sciences Group. For more information and specifications, please check our website.

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