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GL Sciences' Golden Generation

Jun 22 2021

GL Sciences has been producing Chromatography Columns in Japan, since 1986. Always trying to develop and improve the silica base material. InertSustain columns are packed with the most recent developed, 4th generation silica. The latest addition to the line-up is the InertSustain AX-C18 mixed-mode column.

With this column, we have created an even stronger InertSustain Column Golden Generation. Among this generation are: The InertSustain C18 column. The first choice, whether you want to analyse basic compounds, acidic compounds or chelating compounds. Method development starts with InertSustain C18.

InertSustain AQ-C18 is our strongest column when using water rich mobile phases. This column achieves strong retention for highly polar compounds. When your chromatography asks for more retention with respect to specifically the acidic compounds, you can choose the recent developed InertSustain AX-C18. This column combines both an Anion Exchange group with a C18 group.

The InertSustain Cyano column can be used both as Normal Phase column and Reversed Phase column. Depending on the usage, the column will be delivered after being flushed with the appropriate solvent. This column is strongly recommended for pharmacopoeia methods requiring a Cyano phase (USP L10).

For all columns there are both Preperative columns available as well as capillary columns. This results in a diameter range from 0.05mm to 100mm and many variations in between. Our golden generation is completed with a 2 meter long monolithic column, the MonoCap High Resolution. This column is specifically designed for the efficient separation of peptides and protein digests. Due to the monolithic material used, the column can be used with a high flow rate while not resulting in a high operating pressures. MonoCap High Resolution delivers over 300,000 theoretical plates.

This truly makes us believe we are supplying the world with a golden column generation. For more information, please click here.

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