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PepSep Consumables

May 21 2024

PepSep columns and emitters featuring various dimensions provide the perfect solution for all proteomics applications. Created with industry leading materials and connections PepSep columns to  ensure perfect separations for any experiment. Boost your lab's potential – combine PepSep with timsTOF instruments and Bruker ProteoScape™ for PASEF speed and ultimate data acquisition.

  • PepSep ULTRA XL  50 cm x 75 μm x 1.5 μm
    Ultra-high-sensitivity for spectral library generation
  • PepSep MAX HT 5 cm x 150 μm x 1.5 μm
    High-throughput proteomics, fast gradients (<15 minutes)
  • PepSep ULTRA 25 cm x 75 μm x 1.5 μm
    High sensitivity for single cell proteomics and immunopeptidomics
  • PepSep XTREME 25 cm x 150 μm x 1.5 μm
    Speed and sensitivity in a single column solution
  • PepSep MAX 10 cm x 150 μm x 1.5 μm
    Accurate quantitative analysis of 1000+ samples at PASEF® speeds
  • PepSep Series
    Choose the columns that best fits your need
  • PepSep Emitters 10 μm or 20 μm

Ready to use pulled fused silica emitter. Simple plug and play design. Save time with preassembled static tips and ZDV union, ready to use out of the box. Compatible with all CaptiveSpray ion sources. Sold as a pack of two providing a handy spare part.

*PepSep columns compatible with timsTOF and other leading mass spectrometers

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