• Improved Pump Performance Through Early Gas Bubble Detection
    Solvent Line Monitor in operation.


Improved Pump Performance Through Early Gas Bubble Detection

Jul 05 2023

Testa Analytical announces the publication of a study showcasing the efficacy of their Solvent Line Monitor as a vital monitoring device to safeguard HPLC, flow chemistry, or liquid dosing systems from issues caused by undissolved gas bubbles.

Undissolved gas bubbles have long been recognised for their detrimental impact on the performance of peristaltic pumps. While vacuum degassers are commonly employed to eliminate dissolved gas, they fall short when it comes to removing undissolved gas bubbles, leading to unreliability and errors in analytical results. These bubbles can bypass the degassing device, remain unaffected by the vacuum, and ultimately reach the peristaltic pump.

In this study, comprehensive data is presented, illustrating the impact of dissolved gas on peristaltic pump performance. Furthermore, the investigation delves into the effects of undissolved gas bubbles and highlights how the innovative Solvent Line Monitor effectively resolves the resulting issues.

The Solvent Line Monitor offers multiple features, including optical and acoustic alarms, as well as a digital output capable of halting a chromatography or flow chemistry pump before an undissolved gas bubble can disrupt its operation. The device is compact, user-friendly, and programmable in terms of sensitivity and mode of operation. Users can easily set bubble detection alarms according to their specific requirements.

The set-up process is simple, thanks to a highly intuitive PC-based app provided with each Solvent Line Monitor. Using the app, gas bubble detection parameters, such as the minimum size, frequency, and number of bubbles, can be configured. Moreover, the app allows users to choose different actions to be taken once an alarm status is detected, such as an audible alert or a pump stop signal.

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