• New Collaboration Between PerkinElmer and Labtronics Provides a Key Tool to Reduce Workload and Data Management Costs for LABWORKS™ LIMS customers

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New Collaboration Between PerkinElmer and Labtronics Provides a Key Tool to Reduce Workload and Data Management Costs for LABWORKS™ LIMS customers

Mar 10 2009

WALTHAM, Mass. – PerkinElmer, Inc. today announced a collaboration with Labtronics Inc., a world leader in laboratory data integration and management solutions, to offer laboratories more choice for connecting
laboratory instruments with LABWORKS™ Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The collaboration allows laboratories to rapidly customize solutions for their unique needs. Labtronics provides a flexible toolkit approach enabling users to adapt their interfaces to meet changing requirements in-house, thereby reducing the need for outside assistance. This increases laboratory workflow and analyst skill level, helping to increase productivity and reduce errors in data transfer.

“Increasingly, laboratories are recognizing the importance of effective interfacing when generating and managing large amounts of data such as that created by our Inorganic and Chromatography products,” said
Richard Begley, Ph.D., president, Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer. “This collaboration helps customers achieve optimal workflow, while enabling them to eliminate manual data entry.”

“Our collaboration marries Labtronics’ expertise in instrument/LIMS interfacing with PerkinElmer’s longstanding expertise in both LIMS and analytical instrumentation to deliver greater value to customers,” said Dale Seabrooke, vice president of sales and marketing, Labtronics. Labtronics’ LimsLink and LimsLink Express will expand the instrument interface solutions for PerkinElmer’s LABWORKS LIMS. Both solutions will help laboratories to reduce analysts’ workload, reduce the cost of sample data management and deliver sample results to LABWORKS faster. For instance, a petrochemical company introduced LimsLink for all of their
instruments and is handling a 150% increase in sample throughput without increasing staff. Another state environmental agency saw a $600,000 annual saving by automating data entry for 800,000 samples.

LABWORKS LIMS offers solutions for virtually any laboratory setting. From environmental to process control to food and beverage, LABWORKS provides unique, tailored applications. With a history of top-rated customer support and leading the industry in LIMS technology, LABWORKS has earned its ranking as a leader in the LIMS market.

An industry leader and innovator in laboratory data integration and management solutions, Labtronics has a unique understanding of the importance and value of effective communication between people, instruments and data systems. Labtronics develops and implements solutions that deliver the real promise of informatics, making data and information available, when and where it is needed most.

For more information, visit www.perkinelmer.com/labworks or call 800 762 4060

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