• Knauer is honoured with a very special award and also celebrates 50 years!

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Knauer is honoured with a very special award and also celebrates 50 years!

Nov 19 2012

KNAUER has won the Franz von Mendelssohn medal in 2012, awarded by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and the Berlin Chamber of Crafts (HWK) for the 8th time. The IHK awards socially dedicated companies that harmonize their economic success with their social commitment.

Alexandra Knauer accepted the award with delight and pride at the ceremony on Monday, 27 August 2012. The CEO and owner stated: “I am very delighted about this award because it confirms that we take our responsibility towards society and environment seriously and that we take action. We do not focus on just one “good deed”, but rather, out of conviction, we engage in many different ways. My coworkers value this attitude and they support the implementation of a lot of ideas. Our efforts by far exceed the size of the company.”
KNAUER is the first company from the HPLC sector that has reported a life cycle assessment in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin for selected KNAUER products. The assessment takes a look at all environmental impacts generated during a product’s life cycle, starting with the extraction of raw materials from nature, to the use of the product, and to its disposal. For the PLATINblue UHPLC system (ultra high performance chromatography), the assessment concluded that it is among the most energy saving systems in this area worldwide. The results of the life cycle assessment are considered during the development of every new product.

CEO Dr. Alexander Bünz adds: “With our commitment we want to be a model for other businesses and inspire them to engage in a similar way with the community. This special prize for our CSR concept is a great honor for us.” For more information email info@knauer.net

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