• To What Extent Does Your Column Use the Capabilities of Your HPLC System?


To What Extent Does Your Column Use the Capabilities of Your HPLC System?

Jun 28 2012

If you are using HPLC columns with standard 5 µm or 3 µm particles, you most likely miss out some possible performance in your applications. If you don’t own a UHPLC system, sub-2 µm column materials are no option for improvement.

Here is where the new KNAUER BlueShell columns open up new possibilities. Compared to classical fully porous silica materials, BlueShell particles consist of a solid core and a porous shell. The 2.6 µm diameter particles enable high speed and high resolution separations without undesirable high backpressure. The reduced depth of the outer porous layer limits the diffusional path of the analytes, leading to minimized mass transfer resistance and minimized peak broadening. BlueShell columns can achieve up to 200.000 plates/meter, which is even better than the value for typical fully porous sub-2 µm UHPLC columns. Of course the practically achievable performance of these columns on a given HPLC system is affected by its dead volume, flow cell volume, and data acquisition rate. Consequently best separation result can only be obtained with highly optimized systems such as latest UHPLC instruments. Nevertheless, with BlueShell columns you can be sure to get the most out of your HPLC system.

BlueShell core-shell columns are very robust and pH stable due to advanced bonding technology. Available as a C18, C18A, and HILIC phase, BlueShell columns enable a wide range of applications.

For more information visit www.knauer.net/columns

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