• Stable pH core-shell columns


Stable pH core-shell columns

Mar 23 2021

Fortis Technologies SpeedCore pH+ is designed to offer extended pH stability compared to other core-shell particles. Designed around the companies SpeedCore particle, with a proprietary C18 bonding procedure, SpeedCore pH+ will deliver more stability than a traditional core-shell particle.

SpeedCore pH+

The new SpeedCore pH+ is available to scientists looking to operate in high pH liquid chromatography mobile phases. The use of high pH often allows for the resolution and separation of more polar basic molecules, providing good peak shape and higher resolution than if basic analytes are analysed at low pH.

The sharper peak shape leads to higher recovery and sensitivity which provides better qualitative and quantitative results. The retention of a neutralised basic analyte leads to hydrophobic retention occuring which can lead to greater resolution between peaks as well as increased retention away from the column dwell-volume.

SpeedCore pH+ adds another selectivity to the range of SpeedCore columns that now numbers 11, including the SpeedCore BIO phases for peptide and protein separations.

For more information on this product and other novel solutions for LC and LC/MS please contact us.

Fortis Technologies supplies UHPLC and HPLC columns to the pharmaceutical, environmental and foodstuffs industries. Fortis Technologies driving goal is to supply innovative solutions to the separation and purification industries, utilising state of the art silica and bonding technologies at its UK site. A full range of stationary phases for every application is available; fully porous Fortis range for everyday robust applications, 1.7µm Fortis UHPLC columns for high resolution, sensitive methods. SpeedCore columns for fast efficient applications, FortisBIO columns for separation of peptides and proteins. All the columns are available in semi prep, capillary and analytical dimensions.

More information on this product and other novel solutions for LC and LC/MS can be found in the company’s Product Guide.  Content includes solutions on unique selectivity, UHPLC particles, and high throughput with the companies PACE columns.

To request your free copy email us or visit our contacts page.

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