• Cannabinoid analysis by core-shell columns


Cannabinoid analysis by core-shell columns

May 18 2021

Fortis Technologies has launched a new application note on the analysis of cannabinoids. Using its SpeedCore C18 core-shell technology a sample of twelve Cannabinoids was analysed using LC-MS in 7 minutes. Whilst use of UV detector is sufficient for the detection of the compounds the confirmation provided by the secondary detector, mass spectroscopy, allows accuracy in the selectivity of the compounds, whilst also producing high sensitivity.

Cannabinoid analysis has become more relevant as legislation and use of cannabinoids for both medicinal and recreational use has become more prevalent. Only a few are well researched and are known to have a positive effect on the human system. THC is the most well-known due to its psychoactive effects but CBD appears to have the most health benefits. CBD can be provided as an oil, capsule, cream, or edible to help different conditions, including reducing pain, controlling anxiety, and managing seizures. Having a robust, reliable, sensitive, fast LC-MS method can ensure that the quality control of these compounds is optimised.

Fortis Technologies supplies UHPLC and HPLC columns to the pharmaceutical, environmental and foodstuffs industries. Fortis Technologies driving goal is to supply innovative solutions to the separation and purification industries, utilising state of the art silica and bonding technologies at its UK site. A full range of stationary phases for every application is available; fully porous Fortis range for everyday robust applications, 1.7µm Fortis UHPLC columns for high resolution, sensitive methods, SpeedCore columns for fast efficient applications, FortisBIO columns for separation of peptides and proteins. All the columns are available in semi prep, capillary and analytical dimensions.

More information on this product and other novel solutions for LC and LC/MS can be found in the company’s Product Guide. Content includes solutions on unique selectivity, UHPLC particles, and high throughput with the companies PACE columns.

To request your free copy please contact us.

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