• Glycan Separation Solutions to Increase Laboratory Productivity


Glycan Separation Solutions to Increase Laboratory Productivity

Aug 06 2018

The development of novel therapeutic proteins and peptides in the pharmaceutical industry has necessitated the need for fast, high resolution analysis of biomolecules. The HALO® BioClass range of Fused-Core® HPLC columns from Advanced Materials Technology has been developed to make these analyses easier and more effective to increase productivity in your laboratory.

Facilitating the ultra-fast analysis of your glycans is simple with the HALO® BioClass Glycan phase. This 90 Å pore size phase incorporates a highly polar ligand that contains 5 hydroxyl groups tethered to 2.7 µm Fused-Core® silica particles via novel, proprietary linkage chemistry. HALO® Glycan is ideally suited for the HILIC analysis of oligosaccharides and released and labelled glycans from glycoproteins and proteoglycans.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, each batch of HALO® Glycan material is tested for quality assurance by separation of a procainamide-reducing-end-labelled glycan ladder of oligosaccharides of 2–25 glucose units. Peaks for oligosaccharides composed of 5 and 10 glucose units must meet stringent specifications for retention and peak width before the batch is approved for glycan analysis.

HALO® 2.7 µm columns offer comparable peak capacities to sub-2 µm fully-porous columns at 40–50% of the backpressure, allowing you to perform UHPLC-like separations on HPLC instruments.

For further details on HALO® Protein columns, information on any other HALO® product, or to discuss how to convert your HPLC method to an ultra-fast method using superficially-porous phases, contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical team at technical@hichrom.co.uk.

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