• Setting new Benchmarks for Antibody Analysis

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Setting new Benchmarks for Antibody Analysis

Aug 02 2013

TSKgel SW size exclusion columns - the industry’s workhorse for aggregate analysis - continue to set standards for the UHPLC separation of antibody fragments, monomers, and aggregates. Tosoh Bioscience is introducing a new family of UHPLC columns, tailored to different aspects of antibody analysis.

TSKgel SuperSWmAb HTP supports high throughput antibody analysis. Packed in 4.6 x 150mm UHPLC column hardware it was engineered to enable an easy transfer of SEC methods, which have been developed on conventional gel filtration columns, to fast UHPLC analysis. TSKgel SuperSWmAb HR, designed for high resolution monoclonal analysis, is packed in columns featuring the conventional dimensions for HPLC gel filtration columns. This allows for superior resolution between fragments, monomers and aggregates. TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate covers the range of higher molecular weights and provides a very good separation of antibody dimers and higher aggregates. It is based on smaller silica particles with slightly larger pore size than the SuperSW mAb columns.

TSKgel SuperSW and UltraSW particles are based on highly porous, ultra-pure silica particles, the surface of which has been shielded from interacting with proteins by applying a proprietary surface chemistry. This ensures highest recoveries and accurate quantitation. TSKgel SW columns stand out from other silica-based high performance size exclusion columns by virtue of their large pore volumes. The validated manufacturing and packing process ensures a reliable batch-to-batch reproducibility.

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