• Comprehensive product portfolio shows broadest range of tools and techniques

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Comprehensive product portfolio shows broadest range of tools and techniques

Jan 28 2010

The 2010-2012 Thermo Scientific Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalog is a must have reference for all laboratories utilizing any form of chromatography. Offering 540 new pages of chromatography tools, with many novel and unique additions, the catalog showcases a wealth of chromatography consumables, and ensures the broadest collection of tools and techniques are readily available to meet all separation needs.

With a long and established history of chromatography expertise and products, the Thermo Scientific product portfolio has grown over the years to include trusted names, such as Hypersil, Chromacol and National Scientific. Providing customers with choice, quality and dependability, the Company’s outstanding product portfolio continues to grow, as demonstrated by the latest catalog which includes:

Sample Handling

  • NEW! Comprehensive range of vials and closures, organized by instrument
  • NEW! Mass Spec Certified vials

Sample Preparation

  • Thermo Scientific HyperSep Retain offering fast and easy sample preparation
  • NEW! WebSeal products for high throughput screening
  • QuEChERS solutions for efficient sample preparation and clean-up

Reagents and Standards

  • NEW! GC derivitisation reagents and HPLC reagents
  • NEW! Reacti-Therm sample derivitisation system

GC Columns and Accessories

  • NEW! TraceGOLD GC Columns
  • NEW! A new range of essential GC tools
  • NEW! TracePLOT Columns


  • NEW! Expanded range of Hypersil GOLD phases
  • Hypercarb Columns
  • SLIPFREE Connectors
  • NEW! SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System

In recognition of today’s stringent regulatory requirements quality assurance procedures can guarantee consistently accurate research tools. From R&D through to final production, Thermo Scientific utilizes its own global manufacturing and column packing facilities, ensuring all products are of the utmost quality.

Importantly, the new Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalog is fully supported by in-depth scientific applications and knowledge to help customers identify the most appropriate product for their needs. With an expert technical team, in collaboration with numerous customers, the Company is dedicated to constantly developing new techniques and troubleshooting guides to further improve method development and advance chromatography approaches in line with current and future analytical demands. Many of these techniques and guides are collated as an extensive library within the catalog itself, further adding to the reference value of this comprehensive offering.

From sample preparation to separation and analysis, Thermo Scientific Chromatography tools ensure repeatable, predictable results – separation after separation. To order a new catalog, or for further information, see www.thermo.com/catalog

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