• New 3μm C18 Column for Basic Compounds

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New 3μm C18 Column for Basic Compounds

May 14 2012

NACALAI TESQUE (JAPAN) introduces a new 3μm ODS column for basic compounds. COSMOSIL 3C18-EB offers improved separation especially for basic compounds and has excellent synthesis reproducibility and lot-to-lot reproducibility, so it is applicable in routine analysis such as quality control of drugs.

COSMOSIL Application has more than 7,000 applications using COSMOSIL columns. Setting optimal HPLC experimental parameters is the one of the most important processes that requires experience and time. COSMOSIL Application provides you with sample analysis conditions with widely used ODS columns and other specialty columns.

For more information, visit www.nacalai.com / e-mail info.intl@nacalai.com

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