• COSMOSIL HILIC Columns for the Separation of Polar Molecules

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COSMOSIL HILIC Columns for the Separation of Polar Molecules

Nov 03 2016

Nacalai Tesque offers a novel triazole bonded silica stationary phase which is designed for the HILIC separation of polar molecules. This triazole bonded phase offers higher polarity than non-modified silica columns, which are commonly used for HILIC, resulting in stronger hydrophilic interactions. The positively charged triazole stationary phase also offers an anion-exchange mechanism, enabling the strong retention of acidic compounds. The 2 separation modes – HILIC and ionic interaction – can be controlled by varying key eluent parameters such as pH, concentration of organic solvent and buffer ion strength. COSMOSIL HILIC, is available with both 5 and 2.5 micron particle sizes. A COSMOSIL HILIC Application Notebook, containing about 200 chromatograms for the separation of polar compounds using COSMOSIL HILIC columns also available.

For more information or to request a copy of the COSMOSIL HILIC Application Notebook email technical@hichrom.co.uk.

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