• HALO-5  5micron Fused-Core HPLC columns available in C18 and PFP phases

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HALO-5  5micron Fused-Core HPLC columns available in C18 and PFP phases

Oct 25 2012

HALO-5 5µm HPLC columns are based on the same proven Fused-Core particle technology as original HALO 2.7µm columns but have been developed by fusing a 0.6µm porous silica layer on to the surface of a 3.8µm solid core particle.

HALO-5 columns are initially available in C18 and PFP phases and have been specifically developed in order to provide improved HPLC performance when used with traditional HPLC equipment, as the lower back pressure of these columns is ideally suited to these instruments. It has been demonstrated that for a given operating pressure, HALO-5 columns deliver significantly higher efficiency than a column packed with 5µm totally porous particles.

Key features of HALO-5 columns include:

  • High efficiencies at fast flow rates
  • Low back pressure well suited to traditional HPLC instruments
  • C18 and PFP phases
  • Scalable from UHPLC separations developed on 2.7µm HALO columns

HALO Fused-Core particle technology columns are the original and proven Fused-Core technology columns and are also available as 2.7µm particle size columns in nine different phases:

  • C18
  • C8
  • HILIC (unbonded silica)
  • RP-Amide
  • Phenyl-Hexyl
  • PFP
  • ES-CN
  • Peptide ES-C18 phases
  • Penta-HILIC

For further information on any HALO original Fused-Core products please contact authorised distributor Hichrom Limited on Tel: +44 (0)118 930 3660 or e-mail: technical@hichrom.co.uk

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