• New! Avantor® ACE® UHPLC & Solid-Core Guards


New! Avantor® ACE® UHPLC & Solid-Core Guards

Mar 24 2020

Guard cartridges are designed to protect expensive UHPLC columns from contamination by sample impurities and irreversibly adsorbed solutes. By connecting a guard to the inlet of the UHPLC column, contaminants which would otherwise damage the column are trapped on the disposable cartridge. This significantly extends column lifetime without affecting performance or selectivity.

The new range of Avantor® ACE® Guard cartridges have been designed and manufactured to withstand the high pressures of UHPLC analyses, without compromising column efficiency and performance. Guard cartridges are available with a wide range of Avantor® ACE® stationary phases to complement Avantor® ACE® Excel and UltraCore UHPLC columns.

  • UHPLC Guards compatible with 1.7 μm or 2 μm Avantor® ACE® Excel columns.
  • Complementary cartridges for all the major Avantor® ACE® stationary phase chemistries available.
  • Avantor® ACE® UltraCore guards are also available, in both the SuperC18 & SuperPhenylHexyl chemistries.
  • Low dead volume reusable guard holder, with guard cartridges supplied in convenient multipacks. 
  • Two different column id formats (2.1 -3.0 mm id and 4.0 – 4.6 mm id).

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