• Save time with prepacked YMC glass columns!
    Figure 1: YMC packing service
  • Figure 2: Procedure of YMC packing service

Columns (LC)

Save time with prepacked YMC glass columns!

Dec 14 2022

Do you lack the time to pack your column? Or are you looking for a ready-to-use product? Here is the solution!

Our packing expertise is your advantage! Rely on the experience of YMC and use prepacked glass columns:

  • ideal for R&D, production and viral clearance studies
  • reproducible quality
  • certified column efficiency

Packing a glass column for your IEX, AC, SEC, HIC and RP application

Depending on your required bed length, you can choose a column from our standard range. If you can’t find a suitable standard product, we will gladly discuss with you the possibility of a customised column.

  • Inner diameter 5-80 mm
  • Length up to 1,000 mm
  • Customised dimensions possible.

Packing new columns or refilling of your existing columns

Of course you can order new prepacked columns.

Do you need to refill your existing YMC glass column? This service can be combined with maintenance of your glass column e.g. changing of frits, O-rings or pressure testing.

Packing of stationary phases from YMC or from other suppliers

Is your method restricted to the use of a specific stationary phase? Of course, we can pack your YMC glass column according to your application with the phase of your choice – from YMC or a different supplier!

How it works

1. You provide us with your requirements regarding the column hardware, stationary phase, packing parameters (e.g. bed length) and column performance.

2. According to your needs, you will receive the corresponding quotation, including prices for column hardware, bulk material, consumables and work.

3. The packing process is carried out according to routine procedures. Subsequent column testing will confirm that the required column performance has been achieved. SOPs and our experience make sure that your column will be of the highest quality.

4. The column is released according to your specifications.

5. Packaging according to SOPs guarantees that your column will be shipped safely to your laboratory.

You will find all the details summarised in our Packing Service Flyer or check our website.

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