• Is High Sensitivity Enough? Laboratories Look for More in Tandem Quad MS for  Bioanalysis.


Is High Sensitivity Enough? Laboratories Look for More in Tandem Quad MS for Bioanalysis.

Dec 14 2011

While the first thing many bioanalytical laboratories look for in a new mass spectrometer is sensitivity - Waters is knows you’re also seeking to address flexibility, efficiency, and productivity as well as validation and compliance. Waters has created a new generation of comprehensive systems with the Regulated Bioanalysis System Solution.

It’s an application-focused platform that enables the bioanalyst to combine improved workflow-driven analysis, data acquisition, and reporting with best-in-class sample preparation and UPLC/MS/MS technologies for quantitation, all operating under the next generation of bioanalysis-ready software for data acquisition and management in regulated laboratories.

The Waters Regulated Bioanalysis System Solution is driven by a novel user-focused, state-of-the-art scientific information management system that delivers an entirely new level of performance and security. And it’s ready to help you face new challenges such as microsampling, dried sample spot analysis, and large molecule bioanalysis.

The Waters Regulated Bioanalysis System Solution includes Oasis and Ostro Sample Preparation Products, the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System, the Xevo TQ-S Mass Spectrometer, and the novel UNIFI Scientific Information System. It delivers the ultimate system performance for bioanalytical laboratories today, and prepares your laboratory to evolve in step with the next frontier in bioanalytical sciences.

Our solutions for bioanalysis are proven in laboratories around the world. Learn from our customers about why they are choosing to standardize on Waters technologies.

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