• Fast and easy method development for large scale processes


Fast and easy method development for large scale processes

Jan 25 2022

Before implementing large scale processes, the most straightforward approach is to develop and refine separation methods on a laboratory scale. Only then, risks and resource consumption can be kept on a bare-minimum. Also, it allows fast process modifications.

Self-packed glass columns are “the” lab tool for quick screenings due to two reasons:

  • any stationary phase available already in the lab can be chosen and
  • the packing is fast so that results are quickly obtained.

ECOPLUS columns as the perfect tool in method development

The approach has been successfully used in a recent study by Stefan Schmidt et al. They developed a brand-new method to purify mAb in large-scale production. Their approach was based on self-packed ECOPLUS glass columns.

The advantages are:

  • Low sample, resin and solvent consumption
  • High reproducibility
  • Easy column packing
  • Full biocompatibility for BioLC applications

You want to read more? Check out our Technical Note.

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