• Your key to success: BioLC Glass Columns from YMC


Your key to success: BioLC Glass Columns from YMC

Jan 19 2023

In order to examine the full capability of high performance resins for biochromatography, high quality column hardware is essential. New state of the art media require column designs that allow accurate packing and of course high pressure rating. For the analysis and purification of biomolecules such as antibodies, biocompatible YMC glass columns are the perfect match. Particular attention has been paid to the column volume ranges and the pressure resistance, so that high flow rates, performance and efficiency can be achieved. They are characterised by easy handling, reliable operation and long lifetime.

Long-lasting laboratory scale glass columns

For laboratory scale applications, two different column lines are available.

ECO columns are glass columns for use with virtually all type of soft gels and medium pressure liquid chromatography applications. A screw-lock system makes it possible to seal the column simply and quickly.

ECOPLUS columns are multi-purpose columns for all type of liquid chromatography applications even with high operating pressures. They are suitable for the entire spectrum of normal phase and reversed phase chromatography as well as biochromatography. The high pressure resistance is guaranteed by an innovative construction of the column including the Quick-Lock system.

Full flexibility

The ECO and ECOPLUS columns are available in a wide range of different inner diameters from 5 mm to 80 mm and lengths from 120 mm to 1000 mm. In combination with a variety of different frit porosities, the perfect column for every application can be selected. The columns are compatible with all common separation modes. For temperature sensitive applications, a heating/cooling jacket version is optional available for the ECO line of columns.

Enhanced results

All YMC glass columns are equipped with fully porous frits for an optimum flow distribution. This ensures excellent packing results with improved chromatographic results. Due to the increased pressure limits of the hardware, higher flow rates can be applied and therefore the throughput can be increased.

Fast and easy maintenance

For maintenance, the columns can be easily dismantled. Tubing and fitting replacement is possible even with a packed column. With the excellent spare parts availability, the columns have a long lifetime - this makes them highly cost efficient.

You want to see the ECO and ECOPLUS columns in action? Watch the videos on handling and connection on our website.

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