• Biologically active substances 'offer range of benefits'
    Multiple health benefits could arise from a single family of biologically active substances


Biologically active substances 'offer range of benefits'

Feb 18 2011

A single class of biologically active substances have been associated with a broad range of positive health benefits in research conducted over the course of a number of months.

Six separate papers have been published following studies conducted at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM), all focusing on a group of PCSK enzymes.

PCSK9 - a Proprotein Convertase, Subtilisin/Kexin enzyme - is of particular interest for research relating to potential health benefits in humans.

The IRCM team, led by Dr Nabil G Seidah, the institute's Biochemical Neuroendocrinology research unit director, linked it with limited generation of fat and maintenance of high levels of circulating cholesterol.

Meanwhile, other biologically active substances in the PCSK family were found to interact with PCSK9, cutting and inactivating it.

Learning more about these processes could lead to therapies for viruses, cancer, neuroendocrine disorders and cardiovascular disease.

The IRCM is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary, having been devised in 1951 by Jacques Genest and set up formally the following year.

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