• HPLC 2011Budapest Congress and World Trade Center in Hungary

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HPLC 2011Budapest Congress and World Trade Center in Hungary

Mar 31 2011

The HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium will take place on 19-23 June 2011 at the Budapest Congress and World Trade Center in Hungary. The symposium will be organised by the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences.

The 36th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques is an international forum for scientific discussion of the methods of high performance liquid chromatography in its various forms, along with the complementary separation techniques such as electrophoresis, electrochromatography, field-flow fractionation, supercritical fluid chromatography, sample preparation, and hyphenated techniques, such as LC-MS and CZE-MS. The field of microfluidics or lab-on-a-chip is also included.

At the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium all kinds of application areas relevant to the use of liquid phase separations as well as fundamental studies on advances in separation theories will be covered. Special emphasis will be put on current research areas characterized by innovative development. The HPLC Symposia are definitely valuable resources for analytical chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and those in the separation sciences seeking practical solutions.

The scientific programme will focus on state-of-the-art technology and the methodology of separation science. It will include plenary and keynote lectures. Lecturers both from academia and industry – at the forefront of the field – will present hot topics and state of the art methods of separation science.

Discussions and exchange during poster sessions will constitute an essential and vital component of the symposium. The best poster presentations will be awarded with valuable prizes.

Short courses and tutorial lectures will constitute an integral part of the scientific programme, which are planned as educational lectures for students and others new to various separation disciplines, and to provide opportunities to broaden one’s understanding of separation science. Moreover, the short courses will provide opportunity to meet and discuss separation problems with the real experts.

The topics of the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium include: Advances in Separation Techniques, Biomarker discovery, Biopharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, Chip based separations, microfluidics, microscale detection systems, Chiral separations, Clinical, forensic, and toxicological analysis, Column technology and stationary phases, Data analysis and chemometrics, Electrodriven separations, Environmental analysis, food safety, agricultural analysis, High-temperature LC, Hyphenated separations: LC-MS, CE-MS, and LC-NMR, Industrial Aspects of Separations, Natural product analysis, New instrumentation for LC, Oligonucleotide separations, Planar Chromatography, Pharmaceutical analysis, Polymer analysis, Proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics, Retention mechanisms and retention models, Sample preparation, Theoretical models and insights, Ultra-high pressure LC

The social programme of the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium will include opening and closing receptions, symposium dinner, an organ concert, and various optional activities.

For more information please visit the symposium website at www.hplc2011.com. The website includes information on abstract submission, registration, exhibition and sponsorship opportunities. For further details contact Attila Varga, Symposium Manager of HPLC 2011 Budapest, e-mail: diamond@diamond-congress.hu.

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