• New Process Ion Chromatograph for online analysis

Ion Chromatography (IC)

New Process Ion Chromatograph for online analysis

Sep 28 2016

To meet the ever-increasing requirements of quality and safety guidelines as well as in process efficiency, precise process-oriented analysis is indispensable. The Process Ion Chromatograph now available from Metrohm Process Analytics is the perfect example of how established laboratory analysis can be integrated into the process for automated and continuous monitoring.

High precision results from the lab to your process
The Process Ion Chromatograph is a complete robust solution for multi-parameter analysis of anions and/or cations across a wide concentration range, ngL-1  to %. Combining the proven Metrohm high performance ion chromatograph and the ProcessLab Manager as the process interface opens up myriad opportunities to shift your analysis from the laboratory to the process.

Flexible, customisable, and robust (IP65)
The entire analysis system and all reagents (monitored with level sensors) are enclosed in a dual-chamber IP65 rated housing equipped with a touchscreen monitor. Inside the housing are nine integrated module slots for additional pumps, valves, and measuring vessels. Extensive sample preparation steps and eluent production can be carried out automatically with optional extension and ultrapure water modules. 

Various communication and integration options
Results and other data are easily accessible from the customisable software and can be exported to any LIMS or process control system. The analyser can be easily integrated into a local network and controlled remotely. Process communication can be implemented via digital and analog signaling (4–20 mA) or via MODBUS, TCP, or PROFIBUS.

Representing the well-known Applikon wet chemistry process analysers as well as the Metrohm NIRSystems instruments, the Metrohm Process Analytics brand name offers complete analytical systems for titration, ion chromatography, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, photometry, TOC, as well as ion selective measurements

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