• Thermo Fisher Scientific establishes Pesticide Analysis Centre of Excellence 

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Thermo Fisher Scientific establishes Pesticide Analysis Centre of Excellence 

Jul 25 2013

New Thermo Scientific Pesticide Analysis Center of Excellence features valuable resources to help you find solutions, simplify your analysis and make your lab more productive.

Government and industry laboratories worldwide have a new resource for improving methods for monitoring and measuring pesticides in food and the environment. The Thermo Scientific Pesticide Analysis Centre of Excellence (COE) has been created to help users apply the latest technology and expertise to challenging pesticide analysis in food and environmental laboratories.

It is modeled after the company’s successful POPs (persistent organic pollutants) Centre of Excellence in Bremen, Germany, built to improve methods for detecting and confirming the presence of dioxins in the environment, food and animal feed. Both COEs focus on providing high-productivity analytical workflows that include expert consultation, instruments, software, sample preparation and consumables. For pesticides, this includes experiments for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides in a wide variety of matrices.

The COE is also intended to function as an information hub, where scientists can share techniques and experiences related to pesticide analysis. The company has built a web portal for this purpose, and is organising its first key event focused on pesticide analysis in 2014.

Find out more about solutions for pesticide analysis:

On-Demand Webinar- Register and learn how to simplify complex pesticide analysis

Download Technical Note: Simplifying Complex Multi-Residue Pesticide Methodology in GC-MS/MS

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