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Markes’ On-line Shops Open for Business

Dec 30 2009

Markes International Ltd. (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the introduction of e-commerce to its websites (www.markes.com & www.markes-usa.com) for the convenience of customers who prefer to make on-line purchases.

Currently, the ClearView™ GCMS reprocessing software package is available for on-line purchase and, over time, an increasing number of thermal desorption consumables and accessories will be added.

Markes International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermal desorption (TD) equipment for monitoring toxic and odorous chemicals in air, gas and materials. Serving fast growing markets from environmental health and safety to materials testing and from food/flavour/fragrance to defence/forensic, Markes’ global customer base includes major industry, government agencies, academia and the service laboratory sector.

In addition to ClearView, Markes provides an innovative range of instrumentation, accessories and consumables for enhancing trace GC-MS analysis. Products include: thermal desorption (TD) instruments, headspace (HS)-TD technology and a broad portfolio of sampling accessories covering air sampling, materials emissions testing, breath sampling, soil vapours analysis and direct desorption of volatiles from materials. Further information is available from the company on its website (www.markes.com), by email (enquiries@markes.com) or phone +44 (0)1443 230935.

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